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Driving Ms. Daisy


Renae Brock aka MommaBear

Car (make/model/year):

*Daisy* is a 1970 Honda N600

Where are you from?

South Bay

What got you into the scene?

I was raised on Rotaries and had the privilege of pulling all nighters with my brother while he ported engines. I learned how to appreciate a well built engine and run from the man at street races at the age of 14. Needless to say… tuning and racing is in my blood.

Why you chose this particular platform to build?

She chose me. I had never been into the Honda scene. The racing beat was where my heart was.  When I met my husband, he had it sitting in his garage, rusting away. I had never seen anything like it before, it was so cute and tiny! So he did what a good boyfriend would do and gave it to me!

How long did it take to get your car to where it is now?

We started the restoration in 2007. It took us about 3 years to get her to this point. She’s still not completely done, but when is any car ever done?

What were your inspirations for this build?

I wanted to stay true the nostalgic quality that Daisy held. The 70′s, Led Zeppelin, and Freedom were a few my inspirations. I had been through a lot, prior to acquiring Daisy. Rebuilding her was like rebuilding my life.

Would you have done anything differently if you were to start this build all over again?

I probably would’ve had the fenders flared to clear the wheels before I had her painted.  I didn’t realize that a car could rub tires with ten-inch rims!  I don’t roll on dubs or twenty-two’s;  I rock dimes!

Favorite place to hang out?

Coffee & tea joints, boiling point, and the couch with my hot husband.

Any pet peeves

Guys tryin’ to race me with nothing under their hoods. or the critical folks who tell me I gotta clean my rims when they have no idea how hard we’ve been working on the engine.

Are there any mods that are often overlooked?

Daisy’s fully stitch welded with a 6 point roll cage.
Shout outs:

I wanna give my love to Ryan who’s watching over me, my family, Aiden & Zoe for teaching me persistance, Azia for being that awesome big sister, and my baby daddy Sgt. Fitz. Anh and the crew at Style Over comfort, the Hammies, Oniwagens, and Supastars. Tim over at Merciless Mings for always having Daisy squared away, Mike Essa for the cage and stitch-welding work, Beto our fabricator who made a kick ass header for Daisy, and Charley San Gil for our custom upholstery/span>